Intro to our farm

Welcome to Five Sprouts Farm! There is a lot of story to be found in the pages of this website.  From giving up everything in Kentucky and moving back West to buying the property where we are starting our farm, to starting to grow things.

Our hope is to develop our farm into a place that provides food to the community and then beyond that making it a place where people can come and experience the work and community involved with sustainable living.

Until you decide to shoot us an email and come visit our farm, please feel free to peruse our website and learn what we’re doing, what we’ve done and maybe give us ideas on what we should do next.

We hope that you feel as comfortable on our farm as we do. So come on down and make yourself at home!




  • At 2012.05.03 03:45, Marge Cox said:

    You are sooooo ambitious and dedicated, Garrett, and Aly, so supportive and helpful to this new project you have taken on. I look every day to see what new project you have taken on and things you have accomplished. Also want to learn all the new experiences those boys have challenged you with. From my view they are hysterical — from yours they are often a disaster!!
    We wish you only the best and will check on your progess as often as we can. Love to you all! Grammie

    • At 2013.03.26 06:00, Jane Elder Wulff said:

      Sorry about all those ram lambs. Sorry too that I’ve been so out of touch. Just now did a little browsing through your blog, enjoyed reading about your dinner with Swanseys, wish I’d been a fly on the wall. Miss you all, looking forward to the Great Market Reunion if it ever gets warm, might stop by before then. Such a cold spring, wonder how your veggies are doing (the flowers love it). I have an entrepreneurial proposition for Caden, not happening till September, he’ll have time to think about it and outdo himself. Emerson is getting big, can’t wait to see her. I’ll let you know ahead. Carry on…..

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